Stock Business Images

These pictures were definitely supposed to be making fun of cheesy stock business images but after editing them I actually just liked them and now they are on our LinkedIn profiles.  If you’re trying to set your LinkedIn profile ablaze HMU stock oakesstock kyle

Ghost Malone

I made a thingghostmalone

Babes, Bros, and Old Cars

Bottles, Babes, Old Cars, and Bros – The AZ Chronicles from Kyle Sliger on Vimeo.

At least two of the babes in this video were Cheerleaders at the University of Alabama.

Real Estate Agent Photography

I have recently had the pleasure of taking some head-shot pictures of Arizona Real Estate agents.  I bring all my photography gear with me on the video shoots as the homes usually provide a beautiful, convenient setting to take pictures of the agents.  This is photo I recently took of a wonderful agent I work with, Frank Aazami.  Here is a link to his website where you can find some of my work as well.

Please email me for information about my services:

Phoenix Luxury Real Estate Agent Frank Aazami

Phoenix Luxury Real Estate Agent – Frank Aazami

Real Estate Video – Behind the Scenes

My lovely production coordinator and girlfriend Kayla snapped this gem towards the end of our shoot of the home dubbed the “Car Collectors Estate.”  We have been busy lately producing real estate promotional content and absolutely love doing these.  They are actually really fun and challenging.  I will be doing another post with a video soon about how I use dual iso to tackle dim rooms with bright windows.  Also, I plan on making a post about the gear we use on location and the plugins I use during editing that often save my life.  Most of these lessons, I had to learn the hard way. image (1)

New Years Photo Booth

I decided to setup a low budget photo booth this year at the house party we went to.  We hung some beads on the wall and voila.  Below is a gem of my girlfriend and I, and my buddy Jason Reno and his date for the night (she was a real dog).
image (1) image

Corny Christmas Card

Last night Kayla and I got in our best ugly sweaters and took a family Christmas card in front of our newly decorated tree.  I was having some problems getting Nala engaged, she has no interest in spreading holiday cheer apparently. We will definitely be sending these out to all our family and friends.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Adobe Premiere CC – Instagram Edits

I recently started editing videos specifically for Instagram.  I loved the idea of fun, 15 second short edits, and of course liked the idea of having Instagram posts with high production value.  Do the following:

  1. Open editing suite (if you’re curious what I use: Adobe Premiere CC because its way better than Final Cut)
  2. Create a new project with a size of 640 x 640
  3. Edit your clips.  Note: Instagram limits videos to 15 seconds
  4. Export your video as a .mov using mono for the audio and limit the file size to 15MB or less.
  5. Email the movie to an email that is on your phone.  Download and save the file onto the phone.
  6. Open Instagram, select the video, and hashtag the heck out of it.
  7. Post and get mad likes!
  8. Follow me here.

For more information check out this post on  I found it to be extremely helpful.

Relocation to Arizona

backyard fellowship

backyard fellowship


party with the dogs

I wanted to commemorate a Saturday house warming get-together at our new place in Phoenix.  Nala (the golden retriever pictured) threw us a party and invited all our friends.

New site live!

Welcome to my new website. Have a look at some of my work and don’t hesitate to get in touch.